WP1 – Preparation – Specification of the core curriculum

D1.1: Detailed analysis of current status at the partner universities
D1.2: Specification of existing learning resources at program universities and other external repositories
D1.3: Requirement analysis
D1.4: Specification of project curriculum in SDI
D1.5: Specification of adapted curricula

WP2a – Development – Development of curriculum

D2.1: Project curriculum (courses, learning material)
D2.2: LLL courses
D2.3: Equipment installed
D2.4: Trained teachers at partner universities
D2.5: Localised curricula at partner universities

WP2b – Development – Implementation f curriculum

D2.6: New courses and programs implemented at partner universities
D2.7: Trained students
D2.8: Course evaluations
D2.9: Updated project curriculum

WP3 – Quality Plan

D3.1-1: Quality plan
D3-1-2: Evaluation plan
D3.2.1-3: Quality evaluation reports
D3.3.1-6: Project monitoring reports

WP4 – Dissemination & Expoitation

D4.1: Communication plan
D4.2: Life-ling learning courses for professionals
D4.3: Dissemination material (leaflets, brochures, web site etc)
D4.4: Plan for dissemination and exploitation of results
D4.5.1: Dissemination events
D4.5.2: Consortium agreement with financing model

WP5 – Management

D5.1: Kick-off meeting decisions
D5.2: Project Management Plan
D5.3.1-6: Internal evaluation of project progress and updated risk plans
D5.4.1-6: Project status reports [D5.4.1-1]
D5.5.1-6: National progress reports
D5.6: Reports to the EU