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Scientific Journal of Civil Engineering – special edition

A special edition of the Scientific Journal of Civil Engineering is published. This issue is dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the geodetic high education in the Republic of Macedonia.

This issue of the journal is entirely devoted to topics of geodesy and geomatics and can be downloaded here. The journal features article “ANALYSIS OF MID-TERM NATIONAL SPATIAL DATA INFRASTRUCTURE STRATEGIES IN THE WESTERN BALKANS” by Ž. Bačić, S. Ključanin and V. Poslončec-Petrić which presents part of the findings in the BESTSDI project.

BESTSDI team congratulate our colleagues from Faculty of Civil Engineering, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia.

BESTSDI presented to colleagues from Moldova

During TAIEX Study Visit on National Spatial Data Infrastructure of colleagues from Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre of Moldova, Dražen Tutić presented BESTSDI project as part of visit to Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb. Visit for colleagues Stefan Crigan, Deputy General Director, Ivan Danii, Deputy Head and Maria Ovdii, Head of Department for Geodesy, Mapping &GIS, was organised by Tomislav Ciceli from State Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Croatia from December 11-13, 2017 in Zagreb. This was opportunity to initiate future collaborations with colleagues from Moldova.

SDI Days Croatia 2017 – presentation of BESTSDI 1st year results

On the 9th Croatian SDI days, November 30 – December 1, 2017, organized by State Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Croatia and Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb, main deliverables of the BESTSDI project in the 1st project year were presented by Dražen Tutić. Presentation focused on competences needed for sustainable development of SDI and INSPIRE that were identified and represent basis for curricula design and creation of learning materials.

BESTSDI project presentation Ponferrada (Spain)

From 11-16.09.2017 in Ponferrada, Spain, 4th GEOWEB workshop was held with focus on E-learning and Problem Based Learning (PBL). Topics were: new approaches in teaching and learning in geodesy education, how to install and maintain Moodle on server, Moodle basics and Moodle Advanced, other tools and web resources like Kahoot on-line learning, and specially topic of Problem Based Learning.

On Friday 15.09.2017 during one of the sessions, Dušan Jovanović gave a short presentation on the BESTSDI ErasmusPlus project. All participants from different partner universities (University of Sarajevo, University of Mostar, Polytechnic University of Tirana, University of Tirana, University of Tuzla and University of Belgrade) are informed with the basic objectives of BESTSDI, who are partners in the BESTSDI project, what are main BESTSDI project activities and project events, and finally BESTSDI expected results. At the end, web site of BESTSDI and other social network of BESTSDI was presented.