BESTSDI Project Objectives

The wider objectives of the BESTSDI project is to improve the quality of higher education in Geographical Science and Technology field, SDI and geodesy, enhance its relevance for the labour market and society and to improve the level of competences and skills in HEI’s by developing new and innovative education programmes within the field of SDI. These wider objectives are fully compliant with the priorities of the Capacity Building projects within the Erasmus+ program.

The specific project objectives are to develop, test and adapt new curricula, courses, learning material and tools within the field of SDI. In doing so, existing undergraduate and graduate geodesy and geoinformatics curricula’s in the academic institutions in the WB region will be lifter to higher levels, recognising the of spatial data for modern society and its development. By the incorporation of SDI concept and other modern concepts based on spatial data and information, the students of the new courses will have the ability to provide efficiently spatial data and services to SDI users.

In parallel, the project also introduces SDI and related concepts in undergraduate and graduate study programs on academic institutions which profiles are well recognized as SDI users, raising awareness among the students and professionals about the relevancy of SDI and advantages of well organized spatial data.