BESTSDI Expected Results

To develop appropriate curricula, courses and their content for both target groups (SDI providers and SDI users) of academic institutions. This includes the development of:

  • SDI compulsory course for undergraduate study programs in geodesy
  • SDI modules for graduate study programs in geodesy and geoinformatics
  • SDI user course components (not necessary full courses) for undergraduate study           programs of partner faculties
  • SDI elective courses for graduate study program of partner faculties (SDI users)
  • Development of sustainable training courses (life-long education) of broad scope of       professionals

To disseminate the project experiences and results in order to create additional value and multiply the impact of the results. As a consequence, dissemination will be made about best practices in teaching on SDI, the content of the developed courses, experience in introduction of newly developed courses and training courses for professionals to professional society. Theses dissemination activities are made to targeted audience like professional bodies, public authorities etc.

To establish the necessary foundation for the participation of partner universities in the academic SDI arena.

To provide equipment for implementation of modernized curricula to partner universities so that new kind of professionals will be equiped with broade cognition, knowledge and skills about SDI and other modern spatial data related concepts will be result of education process in involved institutions.

Additional benefits:

  • New level of communication and cooperation among the partner universities with the emphasis on SDI but expanding it on institutional and project cooperation.
  • Exchange of students and staff will be fostered through the projec activities and information about activities conducted by the partners communicated among the partner universities